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Show custom fields on documents

We know that not every business is the same, and therefore we provide you with a bunch of custom fields that can be added to your documents.

In order to specify these fields, visit the Settings page, click on the Documents tab, and scroll down to the Custom Fields section.

Custom fields can be customised differently for each document type, just click on the different tabs that represent different document types.

Specifiable Options

  • Show Account Nr? - This determines if the clients' account number is shown on the document.
  • Show Order Nr? - Whether or not the Order Number is shown on the document.
  • Show Paid By? - Whether or not the Paid By field is shown on the document.
  • Show Due Date? (Invoices only) - Whether or not the Due Date is shown on the document.
  • Show Contact Name & Surname? - Whether or not the client' contact name & surname is shown on the document.
  • Prepend & Append - Document numbers can be automatically pre- or appended with these specified values.
  • Custom Field 1 - 3 - Allows you to add custom fields, the values of which can be entered when creating the document.  These labels can also be changed while setting up a new document.
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