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SARS Compliance

Jobcards Online is completely compliant with SARS regulations and all South African legislation relating to electronic invoices.  Some key components are highlighted below in human readable format, and we conform to all of them:

  • Invoice Numbers & Invoice Dates must follow upon one another.
  • The words TAX INVOICE must be shown for any VAT registered entity.
  • A breakdown of VAT items must be shown.
  • Invoices must be in an encrypted document format that prevents 3rd party alteration.
  • Clients must be able to pull invoices at any time.
  • Invoices must be kept for a period of 5 years - we keep them indefinitely.
  • Connection to the application must be encrypted with at least 128 bits - we use 256 bit Extended Validation SSL.

More than 600 businesses operate more efficiently with us.

Fantastic System

Hi Adriaan

Yes it is. You guys have a fantastic system here by the way

Gareth Perkins - CTO - B3 IT Solutions
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