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Remittances are payments made to your suppliers.

Instantly Find Remittances

Type any part of any information from your supplier and instantly find remittances made to your supplier.

Automatic Amount Calculation

Check relevant supplier invoices, optionally add a settlement discount, & the amount payable is instantly calculated.

Attach images, documents & more

Attach Proof of Payment

Attach your proof of payment - it is sent together with the remittance to your supplier.

Instantly view if Invoiced

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You the best.

NB: Have you thought about integrating payroll software please. We are using a different platform and would like to use your site for everything.

Noa Modukanene - Mdux-ICS (Pty) Ltd
valued client Soho Consulting and Sales
Soho Consulting and Sales
valued client Archimedes Laboratory Solutions
Archimedes Laboratory Solutions
valued client Pretoria Forklifts C.C.
Pretoria Forklifts C.C.
valued client Dayaway Trailers
Dayaway Trailers
valued client Pump Doc
Pump Doc
valued client Tupperware (Jolanda Yssel)
Tupperware (Jolanda Yssel)
valued client AMPCO Projects PTY Ltd
AMPCO Projects PTY Ltd
valued client Drama Drama
Drama Drama
valued client B&K Pumps
B&K Pumps
valued client AutoVision
valued client Number Plates and Signs
Number Plates and Signs
valued client Insight Tekserve
Insight Tekserve
valued client The Motorcycle Workshop
The Motorcycle Workshop
valued client Guard Alert Electronics
Guard Alert Electronics