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Bookings & Events

Powerful booking calendar with multiple resources helps you manage appointments.


Add each of your guesthouse rooms, items for rent, or personnel as a bookable resource.


Manage events for each resource. Add notifications. Optionally assign to a client. Add invoice line items, process invoice on checkout with a single click. Add google maps location.


Multiple Views

Quickly switch between multiple views.

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Hentie Loots - Gemini IT Solutions
valued client Soho Consulting and Sales
Soho Consulting and Sales
valued client Tupperware (Jolanda Yssel)
Tupperware (Jolanda Yssel)
valued client One of a Kind Digital Solutions
One of a Kind Digital Solutions
valued client Jovien Communications Pty Ltd
Jovien Communications Pty Ltd
valued client Extreme Rentals t/a Dayaway
Extreme Rentals t/a Dayaway
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PC911 cc
valued client Pump Doc
Pump Doc
valued client New Source Imports Pty Ltd (t/a KeyTroniX)
New Source Imports Pty Ltd (t/a KeyTroniX)
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Texas Engineering Support CC
valued client Coolpress Airconditioning and Refrigeration
Coolpress Airconditioning and Refrigeration
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valued client Mitronix
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Number Plates and Signs
valued client Blackstorm Africa (PTY) Ltd
Blackstorm Africa (PTY) Ltd
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