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Complete client management is one of our goals. We understand that most business deal with clients differently - we try & cater to your exact client relationship requirements.

Instantly Find Clients

Type any part of any information from your client and instantly find your client. By default, clients are ordered by amount outstanding. An Actions button is available to quickly perform common actions on the selected client.

Client Tags

Add tag(s) to your clients so that you can easily send SMS & Bulk emails to your clients by tag. Everywhere that you can select multiple clients for an action, you'll be able to select by tag.

Client Tags

Automatic Statements

Manage Automatic Statements to automatically email statements to certain clients on specific days - especially useful for those that frequently "forget" to pay you on time. Automatic Statements can optionally be skipped if the client has nothing outstanding.

Automatic Statements

Top Clients - Reports

With a couple of clicks you can view your top clients in a specified period, by volume & by revenue.

Quick & Easy Reports

Custom Fields.

You can add custom fields for your clients.

Add Custom Fields

Customer Zone

Each client gets access to a customer zone from where they can update their information (requires your approval) & view all their documents from any internet connected device.

Read more about the customer zone here.

Customer Zone

Keep your client updated

Your client can be notified via SMS and/or Email, all optional, every time a job cards status changes. It keeps a healthy relationship with your clients, and they appreciate being kept up to date every single step of the way. Keep them loyal to your business by keeping them up to date, a client appreciates nothing more.

Keep Your Client Updated

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More than 600 businesses operate more efficiently with us.

Ons is beïndruk en ons kyk nooit weer terug nie

Dankie vir goeie diens Adriaan.

Ek moet sê, dat ek verskriklik skepties was toe JP die eerste keer aan ons die stelsel voorgestel het. Maar hy het ‘n paar keer aangehou en ek het na al die gekarring bes gegee en dit was voorwaar die heel beste besluit wat ek nog ooit kon maak.

Die stelsel het ons werk massief vergemaklik en die beheer (saam met die geskiedenis) wat ons nou het oor die produkte het ure en ure se gekrap tussen manuele werkkaarte en naslaan van herstelgeskiedenis so vergemaklik dat ek in my dag des lewens nie weer met daardie arkaïese stelsel opgeskeep wil sit nie.

Baie dankie vir die wysigings wat gedoen is oor die verloop van byna drie jaar.

Sarel Botha - All Power
valued client Drama Drama
Drama Drama
valued client TimeWorks Point of Sale (Pty) Ltd
TimeWorks Point of Sale (Pty) Ltd
valued client Lou-Tech Mechanical Site Support
Lou-Tech Mechanical Site Support
valued client PC911 cc
PC911 cc
valued client New Source Imports Pty Ltd (t/a KeyTroniX)
New Source Imports Pty Ltd (t/a KeyTroniX)
valued client Lowveld IT
Lowveld IT
valued client Top Maintenance
Top Maintenance
valued client Soho Consulting and Sales
Soho Consulting and Sales
valued client Grit Procurement Solutions (Pty) Ltd
Grit Procurement Solutions (Pty) Ltd
valued client Dirsan Online
Dirsan Online
valued client Pretoria Forklifts C.C.
Pretoria Forklifts C.C.
valued client Coolpress Airconditioning and Refrigeration
Coolpress Airconditioning and Refrigeration
valued client FARMMAC SERVICES
valued client Anso Aluminium
Anso Aluminium
valued client The Motorcycle Workshop
The Motorcycle Workshop