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Secure & Encrypted

Security is important to us, which is why we've taken the following measures to ensure the privacy of your data:

  • SSL on every level.  We use 256 bit extended validation certificates, the same as used by banks.
  • Encrypted, salted, one-way hashed passwords.
  • Access control to our servers.

We constantly monitor our processes and proactively identify possible threats and handle them with the highest priority.

We do NOT provide access to your data to third parties. It is known that some of our competitor sites provide your data to credit checkers and debt collectors.  We are NOT in business with any of these, and will never supply your data to anybody, unless subpoenaed by a court of law.

Some of our Valued Customers

valued client All Power Trust
All Power Trust
valued client Extreme Rentals t/a Dayaway
Extreme Rentals t/a Dayaway
valued client Nex Appliances
Nex Appliances
valued client Tupperware (Jolanda Yssel)
Tupperware (Jolanda Yssel)
valued client SkipCOZA
valued client rsw Development NPO
rsw Development NPO
valued client PC911 cc
PC911 cc
valued client Pumps On Line CC
Pumps On Line CC
valued client Number Plates and Signs
Number Plates and Signs
valued client Coolpress Airconditioning and Refrigeration
Coolpress Airconditioning and Refrigeration
valued client Sparkle Pools
Sparkle Pools
valued client SkipCOZA
valued client Dayaway Trailers
Dayaway Trailers
valued client AutoVision